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  1. I don’t have time to go to a Pacific island to relax!
    Posted: February 7 2018

    I first had the herb Kava on the island of Vanuatu. It was served in a half coconut shell, and looked like muddy water. And tasted like it too. But it is very effectively used by locals at social gatherings to relax. Unfortunately, when mixed with significant amounts of alcohol, you’re more likely to lose […]

  2. Why am I so bloated?!
    Posted: November 2 2017

    Lots of different things can cause bloating. It’s important to rule out more serious causes by seeing your health practitioner, but there are some simple causes to consider in the first place: Are you bowels moving every day? Yes, they are intended to move every day, and if they don’t you may be feeling pressure […]

  3. Flaxseeds reduce HbA1c blood sugar levels
    Posted: February 17 2017

    Get stuck into your flaxseeds!   Flaxseeds (aka linseeds) improve blood glucose control (HbA1c) in Type II Diabetic patients.  Whether you have diabetes or are looking to reduce your risk of developing it, add two tablespoons of crushed flaxseeds to your diet every day to improve your blood glucose control!  Mix through a serve of […]

  4. Managing Hayfever Naturally
    Posted: February 3 2017

    Dealing with hayfever can drive you crazy. Apart from the itchy nose and eyes, constant sneezing and nose blowing, it often knocks your energy levels for a six. Hayfever occurs when you develop an allergy, usually to something breathed in from the environment. On first exposure there won’t be any symptoms, but if the immune […]

  5. Reduce your pain naturally…
    Posted: August 19 2015

    When we experience long term chronic pain, we need to look at the big picture. As well as addressing the obvious cause of our pain, we need to reduce the systemic inflammation in our body… Reduce inflammation Increase foods in your diet that are anti-inflammatory Fish, especially sardines and wild Alaskan salmon are very high […]

  6. Is Stress Stopping You from Losing Weight?
    Posted: May 26 2015

    The basics of weight loss will never change – energy out needs to exceed energy in. We need to eat a healthy wholefood diet that excludes sugar and maintains healthy levels of good fats and lean proteins. If your diet is at least half full of vegetables, then you’re on the right track.  Most weight […]

  7. Babies under 6 months aren’t ready for solids
    Posted: April 4 2013

    Babies under 6 months aren’t ready for solid foods; the gut of an infant is still developing until they turn 2 years. Introducing solids too early can lead to long term gut irritation, inflammation, food allergies or intolerances and a range of health conditions and disease. When parents of the child have a history of […]

  8. Light alcohol drinking increases cancer risk
    Posted: March 8 2013

    So we know that alcohol isn’t good for us, but everything in moderation, right? Just remember that “moderation” can be interpreted widely, especially when it comes to counting our weekly alcohol intake. This recent meta-analysis looked at all the studies that have evaluated the increased cancer risk from “light drinking”; defined as having up to […]

  9. Finding the Fountain of Youth – Healthy Aging
    Posted: November 25 2012

    Our future health depends largely on what we are doing and eating RIGHT NOW!  Amidst the barrage of information on living a healthy lifestyle, there are some excellent ways to ensure your diet and lifestyle now will lead to a happy and healthy experience of older age.  Click here on Healthy Aging for details.

  10. Gluten free, wheat free, Coeliac?
    Posted: November 18 2012

    More and more people are discovering they are intolerant of wheat or allergic to gluten. Some have major damage to their gut lining caused by their immune system’s over reaction to the gliadin protein in gluten (Coeliac disease). Whatever the case, if you need or want to avoid wheat or (more broadly) gluten*, bread becomes […]

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