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  1. Green coffee beans can help to lose weight!
    Posted: March 28 2012

    Research shows that green coffee bean supplements can help people lose weight, provided of course they are eating a sensible healthy diet and exercising regularly. At Whole Life Naturopathy we provide weight loss patients with wholistic care that ensures their body’s biochemistry is optimised to break down fat and build muscle mass while taking the […]

  2. The Power of Vulnerability
    Posted: March 23 2012

  3. Does your Child have a Peanut Allergy?
    Posted: March 21 2012

    Melbourne researchers have developed new testing measures for Peanut Allergy that will improve accuracy and safety whilst significantly reducing waiting lists for current testing….  

  4. Dark Meat on Chicken, Fish and Seafood is the Healthiest Bit!
    Posted: March 6 2012

    The nutrient Taurine found in the dark meat of chicken, fish and seafood protects against a range of health conditions including Heart Disease, High Cholesterol and Type II Diabetes.  It also regulates brain cell activity and reduces muscle damage.  The darkest part of the meat is often the parts closest to the bones in chicken, […]

  5. Fish Oil Saves on Health Costs, but remember, Oils Ain’t Oils!
    Posted: February 26 2012

    Today’s article in the West Australian Today reports that the economy could save billions of dollars by giving fish oil supplements to patients with heart disease. Remember to be very careful when choosing which fish oil to take.  Some are not tested for mercury levels (fish can’t excrete mercury so it must be removed) and […]

  6. Flame Retardant Increases Risk of Autism – Reduce Risk with PreConception Detoxification
    Posted: February 20 2012

    The commonly used Flame Retardant, chemical BDE-47 (Tetrabromodiphenl ether), is used in a wide range of products, including electronics, bedding, carpeting and furniture. Studies have shown that it can cause liver, thyroid and brain toxicity, and the most recent animal studies shows it increases autistic social, behavioural and learning deficits.  BDE-47 is found in the […]

  7. Antibiotics no better than placebo for Sinus Infections
    Posted: February 17 2012

    Antibiotics are no better than placebo for sinus infections, a recent study has found Natural therapies can help regulate sinus function, support the immune system, reduce the infection and prevent it reoccuring.  A wholistic approach is required, to address gut health and liver health; 80% of the immune system are housed in the Gut […]

  8. Do you need another reason to make sure you’re getting enough quality sleep – if you’re not, you’re more likely to be developing Alzheimer’s Disease
    Posted: February 17 2012

    Thousands of studies have shown the benefit of sleep for preventing a huge range of health conditions and disease. This latest research shows that people who wake more often during the night are more likely to have a build up of amyloid plaques in their brain – this is a hallmark sign of Alzheimers, and […]

  9. Quercetin effective against cancer
    Posted: February 14 2012

    Many studies have found the benefits of using quercetin to treat cancer. It does this by reduce inflammation, oxidation, regulating expresssion of p53, a commonly mutated gene in breast cancer, and reduces growth of cancer cells. It also has anti tumor proprerties which alter the metabolism of carcinogens by altering enzymes that convert these dangerous […]

  10. Get the right amount of sleep to optimise your brain function
    Posted: February 13 2012

    It’s important to get plenty of sleep, but a recent study has shown that more sleep is not always best. The study showed that 16-18 year olds do best on 7 hours of sleep. Younger children need more (10 year olds are optimal at 9 to 9.5 hrs). Good sleep routines are essential; follow these […]

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