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Posted on: February 20 2012

The commonly used Flame Retardant, chemical BDE-47 (Tetrabromodiphenl ether), is used in a wide range of products, including electronics, bedding, carpeting and furniture. Studies have shown that it can cause liver, thyroid and brain toxicity, and the most recent animal studies shows it increases autistic social, behavioural and learning deficits.  BDE-47 is found in the body at highest concentrations in breast milk and the bloodstream.

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If you’re concerned about the potential impact of flame retardants on your pregnancies, it is worth both partners exploring the benefits of detoxification before becoming pregnant.  A 4 month program is ideal, as sperm take this long to mature.  Best to be under the supervision of a naturopath who will assess and design a detoxification specific to your needs.  Each of us has a unique history of exposure, and if you’re going to go the effort of detoxifying, you want to make sure it will be effective.

Of equal importance is ensuring you are getting enough of the essential vitamins and minerals for DNA methylation which ensures accurate replication of DNA rather than mutated forms.  The study mentioned also found that children of mothers who took a prenatal multivitamin had much less chance of autism.  Ensure your supplement is of high quality and it is appropriate for your body.

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