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Posted on: November 18 2012

More and more people are discovering they are intolerant of wheat or allergic to gluten. Some have major damage to their gut lining caused by their immune system’s over reaction to the gliadin protein in gluten (Coeliac disease).

Whatever the case, if you need or want to avoid wheat or (more broadly) gluten*, bread becomes a big issue. There are lots of gluten free breads to try, but in the hope of finding something palatable that doesn’t crumble and isn’t as hard as a rock, making your own bread could be the answer. ┬áCheck out this local place in Seaford (Melbourne) if you’re down towards the Peninsula, or order some products online…

* Gluten is found in wheat, kamut, spelt, barley, rye, oats, malt, triticale and dextrin. Most people who have a problem with wheat are actually okay with the other grains, and because they are full of nutrients, it is important to only cut out the foods that you need to. If you haven’t been tested or properly assessed, you are well advised to do so. Once you cut out gluten from your diet, you can’t get an accurate Coeliac test without reintroducing wheat into your diet for a significant period of time (you need to have been eating wheat for the test to come back positive). See your naturopath before cutting out any major food group from your diet.

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