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Posted on: May 9 2012

A lot of media coverage and cancer research focuses on the role of genetics in determining our risk of getting cancer. It’s important to remember that we still don’t have the full picture on what causes cancer; genes can increase our risk of developing a certain disease, but that’s not the end of the story.  Only a percentage of people with such genes actually end up with the disease.  The question is, in each of those people, what other factors actually determine whether they end up expressing that gene and develop the disease?

Cancer development happens as a progression of physiological events over a period of years, not just spontaneously.  The expression of signalling molecules within and between cells dictates whether cancer cells spread or are controlled (killed) by our body’s natural immune surveillance system.  Our diet and lifestyle have an impact on how out body alters intracellular signalling, and therefore on whether the body allows cancer cells to grow and spread, or if slows or stops cancer progression (apoptosis).  The capacity of the body to either allow or stop a certain’s cancer progression changes with the type and degree of cancer and the constitutional strengths and weaknesses of the individual.

A recent review by the American Institute of Cancer Research has demonstrated that diet and lifestyle changes could have prevented 40% of breast cancer cases. Each person has a unique combination of genetic risk, dietary profile and lifestyle factors that can impact their disease risk.  Each person’s risk of developing cancer will be best mitigated by identifying the ways their body is most vulnerable to cancer, and addressing these issues. Therefore the best cancer prevention program for each one of us will be different to that of the next person.

Get an individualized cancer prevention program from your Naturopath. Our Naturopaths at Whole Life Naturopathy can also support you in dealing with the impact and side effects of cancer treatment. Please contact Jane or Melinda on (03) 9783 9990 if you have any questions regarding Naturopathic cancer support. If you mention the word “passionfruit” you will also receive a $20 discount on your initial consult.

Our health is still in our own hands to a large extent, so take control and choose the path towards a cancer free future.

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