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Posted on: October 29 2018

When you cut out your soft drinks, be careful not to replace them with other fizzy drinks that still contain sugar, such as flavoured mineral waters. Remember a teaspoon of sugar is about 5g, so avoid drinks with more than that per serve. Ideally, go for no sugar – plain mineral water, soda water or water, and add a squeeze of fresh lemon or fresh lime juice, or a sprig of fresh mint leaves for flavour.

Herbal teas cooled and iced, with fresh fruit is another great and fun option for summer afternoon drinks; try peppermint, spearmint, lemon balm, dried or sliced ginger root, chamomile, fennel seed and licorice root.

Be sure to check the label on the teas as well; if it says “natural fruit flavour” or “tisane” then its either got added sugar or they have concentrated the sugars from the plant. Best to stick with organic whole leaf teas so you know what you’re getting.

Brew your herbs for 3-5 minutes to preferred strength, then cool and add fruit and ice.

Jane’s summer digestive tea

Peppermint         1 tspn

Fennel seed         ½ tspn

Ginger root         ½ tspn

Licorice root       ½ tspn

Fresh sliced strawberries

Fresh mint leaves

Crushed ice

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