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Posted on: February 21 2018

If you or someone you know is going through a serious health challenge, check out the CaringBridge website – it helps you set up your own (free) website that you can privately connect to friends and family on, so you can keep everyone updated on how you or your loved one is going.

This positive use of technology can save you not only time, but often the emotional cost of repeating the same information in texts and emails to people over and over. Your friends and family can interact by sharing messages and posts back to you if they want to, and thus the website can also become a way of making your support network supportive in a way that works for you. If you want to, you can also let your support network know of any particular things you need help with. Friends and family can opt in or out for updates whenever you post to the site.

Creating a website like this doesn’t of course replace much needed personal contact time with friends and family, but it can take the load off what can for some people become quite a stress of keeping people updated. It also allows you to access messages of support when you’ve got time and space to receive them. Hopefully, it helps you optimise your support, and gives your friends and family a way of communicating without feeling they are imposing on you at the wrong time.

The organisation CaringBridge is a non profit organisation, and doesn’t use advertising on your website. A great offering that is worth checking out!

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