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Posted on: February 3 2017

Dealing with hayfever can drive you crazy. Apart from the itchy nose and eyes, constant sneezing and nose blowing, it often knocks your energy levels for a six.

Hayfever occurs when you develop an allergy, usually to something breathed in from the environment. On first exposure there won’t be any symptoms, but if the immune system develops lots of immune antibodies to this substance, you will suffer the effects of histamine release when you get a second exposure.

Why do you get hayfever?

How can Naturopathy help hayfever?We know that hayfever is common in those who have had asthma or eczema as a kid. An imbalance in the immune system makes over reactions to new allergens more likely. There are a many reasons why your immune system could be out of balance, and it is best to see a naturopath to work out the cause.

 In the short term, there are nutritional and herbal anti-histamines such as quercetin, vitamin c and phellodendron which block the histamine release and stop the symptoms of the allergic reaction.

In the long term, identifying the cause of the immune imbalance is key. There may be a nutritional deficiency, poor digestion, an imbalance of gut bacteria or poor liver clearance of immune cells and allergen complexes.

In the meantime, find some local honey!

Honey image

Recent studies show that eating small amounts of local honey can improve your tolerance to local pollen – how’s that for connecting to your environment?!

Honey is all the buzz!

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