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Iridology is the art and science of analysing the colour and structure of the iris to determine tissue integrity throughout the body. Your iris reveals a lot about your inherited health tendencies, and can be analysed to effectively investigate a range of health issues.

With years of experience behind her, Jane is a trained iridologist who can interpret the signs of your iris to suggest what systems and functions of your body are most likely to be weakened when you become unwell. In addition to that, she can determine which ones are likely to maintain their strength even through illness, giving you the best chance to make a quick recovery. Iridology enables further investigation in these areas, and more specific advice to help you prevent health problems in the future.

To book a professional and effective iridology appointment during COVID-19, please email Jane at [email protected] or call/text on 0411092090. 

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Natural Therapies to Support You Through
Cancer Treatment
Jane Collopy | Melinda HidleBaugh

Jane has written a book for anyone going through medical treatment for cancer. It outlines which natural therapies are helpful in reducing the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

Available to purchase from either of our clinics or buy online.

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