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Anxiety is a common condition that most of us will suffer from at some point. Some people have lived with anxiety all their lives, and don’t realise how great they can feel once it has been resolved.

There are a variety of effective, non-addictive and safe natural supplements that help with anxiety treatment. There is a lot of high-level research proving the effectiveness of addressing anxiety with herbal supplements such as Kava and St John’s Wort. There is no concern about becoming reliant upon these, as they actually help the body’s neurotransmitters regulate themselves and come back into balance.

It’s also imperative to assess your nutritional status with regard to anxiety, and anxiety treatments; a range of nutritional deficiencies can cause or contribute to anxiety, including:

  • magnesium
  • zinc
  • vitamin B6
  • omega 3 fatty acids and proteins

There are often other factors contributing to your anxiety, so it is important to get a complete assessment of your health to see what intervention will be most effective for you. For an effective anxiety treatment assessment to bring balance back to your life, look no further than Whole Life Naturopathy.

With locations in Frankston and Prahran, Whole Life Naturopathy’s expert advice is easy for all Melbourne residents to access. For more information, fill out our contact form or get in touch with your closest clinic by calling 03 8807 4770 for Prahran, or 03 9783 9990 for Frankston.

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