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Abdominal bloating can feel tight, hard, painful, uncomfortable, and can even cause cramping. Sometimes the bloating occurs only after eating, but some people have it all the time, or it comes and goes for no apparent reason.

Although bloating is commonly just a sign of overindulging, for some people it can be a daily issue that persists for months or even years on end. As well as being uncomfortable, bloating can also:

  • Affect your posture and capacity for activity
  • Cause embarrassing flatulence, burping and bad breath
  • Extend the abdomen so much that you can’t fit into your clothes
  • Cause fatigue and a reduced capacity to physically get on with your day-to-day life.
  • Lead to avoiding a wide range of foods, greatly reducing your list of “safe” foods
  • Impact your self-esteem, and social interactions

If you are significantly bloated on most days, it’s important not to ignore it. Not only could you be having a better quality life, but bloating can also be a sign of other health issues that need to be addressed.

Seeing a naturopath will help you identify the cause of the bloating. There are many different causes of bloating, most commonly: weak digestion, food allergies or intolerance, problems with nerve signals to the gut, inflammation, or a more specific disease.

Whole Life Naturopathy is very thorough in its investigations of what’s causing or sustaining your bloating. Once the problem is identified, we can determine which herbs, nutritionals, foods or other interventions will be effective in resolving your bloating, so you can get back to your healthy, happy life again.

For more information, call Whole Life Naturopathy on 03 8807 4770 for Prahran or 03 9783 9990 for Frankston, or you fill out our contact form.

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