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Many people diagnosed with cancer are using some form of natural therapy, however most of them are uncertain why a particular remedy is used, how much they should take, how often they should use it, and, whether it is compatible with their medical treatment.

Many cancer patients are not under the guidance of a fully qualified naturopath and use natural remedies on the recommendation of friends, relatives, books or the internet. Understandably some confusion may arise, and in the end, patients are unable to enjoy the full effect of naturopathic treatments

At Whole Life Naturopathy, Jane uses diet, lifestyle and natural medicines to support healing and recovery. She will identify the most effective and safe natural therapies to treat the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation as required.

Naturopathic and medical treatments can be an ideal combination, gaining the best of both. Medical treatment will attack the cancer, and natural therapies will strengthen and support the mind and body, alleviating any side effects, thus enhancing the recovery process.

To find out more about Whole Life Naturopathy and our naturopathic treatments, get in touch by filling out the contact form or giving us a call to speak to a friendly staff member today.

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Safe and Effective
Natural Therapies to Support You Through
Cancer Treatment
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Jane has written a book for anyone going through medical treatment for cancer. It outlines which natural therapies are helpful in reducing the side effects of surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy and hormone therapy.

Available to purchase from either of our clinics or buy online.

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